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MANAR exposes in FERIA EGETICA 2016 as expert partner of CIRCUTOR

September 30, 2016 - MANAR has collaborated with CIRCUTOR at the FERIA EGETICA The EGETIC FAIR has been held at Feria in Valencia on September 28/29, 2016. MANAR has collaborated in the CIRCUTOR stand in the Workshop demo area on new applications with great demand potential. CIRCUTOR has invited us as an expert collaborator in energy monitoring systems. MANAR performs integration of energy monitoring systems with analyzers of electrical networks and other devices, as well as the programming in Power Studio Scada to treat the information collected by the devices and adapt it to the needs of the client, developing screens and reports with the information of interest for effective control of energy consumption.

Rosa López from MANAR and Donato Martínez from Circutor have performed demonstrations of energy monitoring systems and power management software Power Studio Scada and news such as the Wibeee.  Wi-beee is a unit that monitors and gathers electrical data with the purpose of achieving the responsible and efficient control of energy consumption.

It is easily installed and fixed with a "clip", based on the DINZERO patented system. This system can be used for easy installation of the unit on the top and bottom of an MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker). After installation, it will start converting the measured parameters into information that will be sent via a Wi-Fi wireless connection. This is a simple configuration with an app and a mobile, and the registered data is sent to the Circutor cloud where they can be consulted very intuitively from the mobile, computer or tablet.

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